Scottish Society of Paediatric Gastroenterology Hepatology and Nutrition Education Day

Annual General Meeting, Friday 19th November, via Webinar

Access the recording here

Recording Speaker Timings:

Session 1
Chair: Catherine Paxton
00.01:59 – 00:28:35 Novel medical therapies for paediatric cholestasis – Suz Warner (Birmingham, UK)
00:28:40-00:58:00 Demonstrating the value of what you do doesn’t need to be daunting – Terri Porrett (Peterborough, UK)
00:58:03-01:33:35 Refractory constipation in children: diagnostic and treatment challenges – Anna Rybak (GOSH, London)
Session 2
Chair: Peter Gillett
01:34:16-02:03:30 Debate – “All feeds should contain fibre” – Lindsay Rosie, Heather Grant (Edinburgh, UK)
02:03:51-02:35:55 Stepwise approach to Eosinophilic Oesophagitis – Glenn Furuta (Colorado, USA)
02:36:23-03:11:47 Functional Nausea: does it exist? – Katja Kovacic (Wisconsin, USA)
Session 3 Clinical cases
Chair: Paul Henderson

03:13:27-03:29:25 West of Scotland
03:29:27- 04:06:05 South-East Scotland & North of Scotland
04:06:52-04:15:26 Northern Ireland

Session 4
Chair: Victoria Merrick
04:15:48-04:50:00 Personalised targeted treatment with biologics – Neil Chanchlani (Exeter, UK)
04:53:52-05:10:38 Offering good guidance with little evidence: Do we heparinise inpatients with IBD? – Richard Hansen (Glasgow, UK)
05:10:40-05:35:25 Nutritional Management of Children with Medical Complexity – Bridget Hron (Boston, USA)