A rare condition is one that affects 5 people or less in 10.000.

In Scotland, 1 in 17 people may be affected by a rare condition at some point in their lifetime, that’s 424,000 people in a population of 5 million. If a condition has low prevalence it means only small numbers of people in Scotland are affected.

In Glasgow, the Office for Rare Conditions which is supported by the Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity, the University of Glasgow and Greater Glasgow & Clyde NHS Board works with patients and families affected by rare, low prevalence and undiagnosed conditions and the healthcare professionals who work with them. Our aim is to raise awareness of rare conditions, enhance healthcare for those who are affected by these conditions and increase their engagement in research.

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Neonatal Study Day – Monday 17th August 2020

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Please note that the Office for Rare Conditions does not provide any clinical services and staff are not able to assist in making a diagnosis, providing advice on clinical management or making referrals.