Steering Committee

The Steering Committee meets quarterly to discuss the work of the Office. The committee is composed of a representative group of people involved in the management and support of people affected by rare conditions.

Professor Faisal Ahmed Professor of Child Health, University of Glasgow
Professor Julie Brittenden Clinician, GGC R&D, NHS GGC
Stephen Bowhay Lead Clinical Pharmacist, NHS GGC
Adam Kelly  GCHC Head of Trusts & Hospital Programmes
Natalie Frankish  Genetic Alliance UK, Genetic Alliance UK
Dr Alan Mathers GGC Women’s & Children’s, NHS GGC
Patricia Friel Acting Chief Nurse for Paediatric and Neonatal Services
Rania Kronfli Consultant Paediatric Surgeon RHC,  NHS GGC
Arlene Smyth  Patient Advisory Group Lead, Turner Syndrome Support Society
Professor Sameer Zuberi Clinician, ScotCRN, R&D, ERN, NHS GGC
Dr Ruth McGowan Consultant in Clinical Genetics
Diane KingLead Nurse  – CNS Teams Clinical Nurse Specialist (Renal Transplant)
Dr Martina RodieClinical Lead, Office for Rare Conditions
Liz DouganProject Coordinator, Office for Rare Conditions
Shannon MullenAdministrator, Office for Rare Conditions

Steering Committee Members Area